World Fresh & Organic is an independent owned Spanish company formed by two reputable produce companies -Fruxeresa S.L. and JM Pardo S.L.- and a highly professional commercial team with more than 20 years of experience in fruit markets

From its head office in Olivella (Barcelona) WF&O serves various sectors of the industry including wholesalers, retailer chain stores, large food service operatives and importers.

Among our main markets: France, Belgium, Poland, England, Hungary and Ireland.

We have established joint ventures agreements with producers of lemons, stone fruits, broccoli, lettuce and tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables can be supplied on request.

Our aim is to provide customer satisfaction while operating ethical and enviromentally practices. Procedures have been implemented to ensure our products are fully and ethically traded. Moreover, we are working to reduce the number of links in the supply chain to ensure both quality and price..


Phone: (+34) 93 896 87 57 
Fax: (+34) 93 896 87 57
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World Fresh & Organic, S.L.
C/Esquirol, 9.
08818 Olivella (Barcelona)


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